Intellectual property


Business processes, organization of production or provision of services are inextricably linked to the registration of intellectual property rights and their protection, including in courts.

Attorneys of our company, based on practical experience, have an understanding of how to effectively and efficiently protect property or non-property interests in the field of intellectual property, including during the legal registration of rights or their protection in court.

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Preparation of necessary documents and legal registration of intellectual property rights
Legal support for obtaining rights to use and broadcast content
Protection of rights holders' interests
Legal support in courts of all instances
Determination of the possibility of obtaining a patent for a new invention or technological development and advice on filing an application
Legal protection of copyright and other intellectual property rights in case of infringement, including license agreements and litigation
Assist in the registration and protection of the client's trademarks, including the application process and case management


Introduction and consultation
Contact a lawyer for advice and possible solutions.
Analysis of various options for solving the case and determining the most effective one.
We implement the chosen strategy through the necessary steps, focusing on the essential aspects.
Result and evaluation
Achieve the result, check its compliance with the goals and needs.


"We turned to the attorneys of Stellar Partners Attorneys at Law for legal assistance in supporting certain areas of business activity and in relations with law enforcement agencies.

We are satisfied with the work of the attorneys, they are a reliable and responsible team, they work for the result, and they defended the illegal seizure of the company's property in court."
-- Company UKR-TEST LLC
"The company's lawyers are professionals in their field! They will always help you find the most optimal solution to a legal issue and offer a high-quality strategy for legal protection of interests. We are satisfied with the cooperation!"
-- Director of Fabrika 69, Oleksandr Burmytskyi
"A competent and responsible team of lawyers who, even in the most difficult situations, work through the issue to the end, with a view to the result, and are not afraid to take responsibility."
-- ART-INTELL LLC, Director Yuriy Pinchuk
"Stellar Partner Attorneys at Law is our advisor and reliable partner 24/7, the approach to any issue is thorough and responsible, you are great!"
-- Happy Radio team
"We were very pleased with the work of the lawyers. They are a responsible and reliable team that works for results. They did an excellent job, protected our interests during the trial and provided professional support at every stage of our interaction with law enforcement agencies. We got a fair result and felt that our rights and property were effectively protected.

We prefer Stellar Partners Attorneys for their professionalism and high level of service, and we recommend them to anyone looking for quality legal support in the field of business law and protection of company interests."

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